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Advanced research and the production of new knowledge on Global Islam are a major focus of the Center’s  activities. The Center helps to facilitate research among the university’s faculty and students,  enhance research synergies among faculty and units, and  contribute to academic debates both nationally and internationally. Research conducted through the Center is interdisciplinary character, and it is organized along the following research clusters:

Islam and Africa

This cluster pays attention to the complexity and diversity of Islam in Africa, its  historical trajectories,  geographical differences,  ideological variations, and contemporary dynamics.

Islam, World Politics, and Democracy

This cluster focuses on the interface between conceptual and theoretical explorations of the idea of democracy and concrete practices and policies of democracy promotion within the politics of Islam in the contemporary world wherein religion and secularism coexist.

Islam and Environmentalism

This cluster examines the environmental impact of Muslims around the globe, including their relationships with various animal species and perceptions of non-human life.

Islam and Transnationalism

The cluster examines both the historical and contemporary transnational connections between Muslims across national, social, and cultural boundaries. This research pays particular attention to the transnational networks around various Islamic traditions, ideas, and ideologies and explores how Islam is practiced.

Islam and Ottoman-Turkish Studies

This research cluster explores Islam and the Turkish world by addressing Ottoman and Turkish encounters with Western and Eastern civilizations. It enhances awareness of and knowledge about the development of cultural, political, social, and religious identities from the 12th century to the present.