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Undergraduate Studies

The Center is through its affiliated faculty able to offer a wide range of courses related to Global Islamic Studies. These courses are housed in different departments across campus and reflect the interdisciplinary character of the Center’s academic offerings. The Center is currently not offering any undergraduate degree in Global Islamic Studies but is aiming to establish an undergraduate minor in the near future.

Courses Offered:

  • ABT 3130 Arabic Literary Heritage
  • ABT 3500 Arabic Culture
  • ABT 3500 Arab Culture
  • ABT 3510 Arab Woman
  • AFS 3500 History of Islam in Africa
  • AFS 4935/REL 4936 Islam in Africa
  • AFS 4936/REL 4936 Religion and Reform in Africa
  • AFS4935/ANT4930 Global Africa
  • ANT 3930 Islamic Culture and Society
  • ANT 3930 Shia/Sunni Split
  • ANT4930/AFS4935 Islam in the West
  • ARA 4400 Fourth Year Arabic
  • ARA 4420 Arabic through the Texts
  • ARA 4822 Arabic Sociolinguistics
  • ARA 4930 Animals in Arabic Literature
  • ARA 4930 Humor in Arabic Literature
  • ARA 4930 The Qur’an as Literature
  • ASH 3223 History of the Modern Middle East
  • ASH 3931 Intro to Islamic Civilization
  • ASH 3931 Middle Eastern Cities
  • ASH 3931/EUS 3930/REL 3938  Islam and Turkey
  • ASH 4930 Muslims and Non-Muslims in the Modern Middle East
  • EUS 3930/EUH 3931 Contours of Modern Turkish History
  • EUS 3930/SYA 4930 Turks and Islam in Europe and the United States
  • EUS 3938/EUH 3931/REL 3938 Money and Bible in the Middle East
  • REL 2324 Introduction to Islam
  • REL 4361 Women and Islam
  • REL 4367 History of Islam in the Modern World
  • REL 4393 Islam in the Americas
  • REL 4933/REL 4936 Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa
  • REL 4936 Global Islam
  • REL 4936 Globalizing the Sacred
  • SSA 4930 Islam and African literature
  • SSA 4930 Islam and popular culture in Africa