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UF in Morocco and Senegal-Comparative Muslim Societies

Learn about the history of Islam in Morocco and Senegal and the way it informs contemporary religious and cultural practices.

Join the Center for African Studies and the Center for Global Islamic Studies to learn more about everyday life in Muslim societies by taking part in this study abroad experience. This program is offered during Summer A and is worth 6 credit hours, Islam in Africa and African Popular Culture.

UF in Fez-Arabic Language Study

Study Arabic and North African culture in the historic city of Fez, Morocco.

The Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF) offers you the opportunity to earn 11 credit hours while spending nine weeks in Fez, Morocco. Highlights include small classes of 3 to 8 students, access to the ALIF library with texts on Arab, North African, and Islamic Studies, and a campus that is a location in a large Moorish-style villa surrounded by an oasis-like setting. You will be housed in a homestay with a Moroccan family, including meals. Optional meal plans are also available locally through ALIF.