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Graduate Courses

Join us for our spring lecture series on Islamic Reformism and the Rise of Anti-Traditionalism, beginning February 19th, 2015. See “Upcoming Events” for more details.

The CGIS is offering a number of graduate courses related to Global Islamic Studies. These courses are offered across multiple disciplines and housed in various units. Not all these courses are regularly taught, so please contact the respective professor for more information.

POS 6933: Modern Middle East Politics Contact Dr. Patricia Sohn

ANG 6930: Islam in the West Contact Dr. Abdoulaye Kane

RLG 5365: Women and Islam Contact Dr. Zoharah Simmons

RLG 5365: Modern Islamic Thought Contact Dr. Zoharah Simmons

RLG 5365: Islam in America Contact Dr. Zoharah Simmons

RLG 6196: Globalizing the Sacred Contact Dr. Manuel Vasquez

RLG 5365/AFS 6905: Religion and Reform in Africa Contact Dr. Terje Østebø

RLG 5365/AFS 6905: Islam in Africa Contact Dr. Terje Østebø

RLG 5365: Global Islam Contact Dr. Terje Østebø

SYA  7933/POS 6933: Ethnic Conflicts in Comparative Perspective Contact Dr. Tamir Sorek

ANG6930/AFS6905 Global Connections Contact Dr. Abdoulaye Kane

AFH 6269/AFS 6905 Religion in Modern Africa Contact Dr. Susan O’Brien