Tamir Sorek

Tamir Sorek Photo

Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law; Center of Jewish Studies

Email: tsorek@ufl.edu

Office Location: 205 Walker Hall

Areas of specialization: National identities, Collective memory, Sociology of Sport, Palestine/Israel

Tamir Sorek is an Associate Professor of Sociology. His research and publications focus on Palestinian and Israeli societies and he investigates various aspects of nationalism, citizenship, religion, power, and culture. Sorek’s intellectual orientation is inter-disciplinary, and in his  work he brings together sociological, anthropological, and historical approaches and methods.

Selected Publications

Arab Soccer in a Jewish State: The Integrative Enclave (Cambridge University Press, 2007)
Palestinian Commemoration in Israel: Calendars, Monuments, and Martyrs (Stanford University Press, 2015)


Dr. Sorek is currently conducting research on the following topic: Nationalism, Citizenship, and Secularism: A Sociological Biography of Tawfiq Zayyad