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Graduate Students

 Ken               Chitwood

Department of Religion

Latina/o Muslims, Islam in Latin America & the Caribbean,Christian-Muslim Relations, religion & the news.


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 Zheyuan              Deng

Department  of Religion

Islam in Africa, African traditional religions, history writing, and issues concerning migration, ethnicity, and identity



Zachary  Faircloth

Department of  Religion

Levantine Islamism, Islamist politics, religion and the state, transnational Islamic intellectualism



 Macodou                 Fall

Department  of Religion

Ajami literature, Islam in Africa, Sufism, West African popular culture





 Najiyah              Martiam

Department of  Religion

Farming and spirituality, eco-hermeneutics, and gender and spirituality, indigenous knowledge,  and Islam and Science









 Jep                 Stockmans

Department of   Religion

Islam in Ethiopia, Socio-Political dimensions of Islam, Religion and Government













Yekatit        Tsehayu

Department of Religion

Islam in Ethiopia, Muslim women’s role and position in politics and religion, religious socialization, modes of religious knowledge transfer, Muslim women & Islamic Medicine