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Maria Stoilkova

Center for European Studies


Phone: (352) 294-7153

Office Location: 3345 Turlington Hall

Areas of specialization: socio-cultural anthropology; social theory; transnationalism, globalization and mobility; citizenship, sovereignty and belonging; knowledge and development; European public culture; Bulgaria. Dr. Stoilkova holds a joint position with the Center for European Studies and the Department of Anthropology at UF. She earned her Ph.D. in Anthropology in 2004 from the University of California, Berkeley. She also holds an M.A. in Politics and Society from the Central European University. Prior to joining the UF faculty, Dr. Stoilkova has worked as a social science consultant for the World Bank. Stoilkova’s research is situated at the point where political, economic, ethical and mobile lives meet. She has been studying the place of emigration in “transitional projects” of Eastern Europe and in the making of a “global mobility regime”. Her upcoming book focusing on postsocialist Bulgaria traces the political circumstances, social technologies and cultural imperatives that have facilitated a mass out-migration of learned communities since the end of the Cold War. The study interrogates how increased mobility remakes collective and personal projects and places. Dr. Stoilkova has taught in the US and internationally. She offers courses on Transnationalism, International Migration and Human Trafficking; Globalization and Mobility; Gender and Migration, Anthropology of Europe, Migration in Europe, and Anthropology of Post-Socialism.

Selected Publications

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