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Esameddin Alhadi

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


Phone: 352. 392. 8428

Office Location: 346 Pugh Hall

Focus areas: Cultural history, Islamic art and archaeology, oral history and cultural heritage management

Dr. Alhadi is a lecturer of Arabic cultural Studies at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures since 2005. Dr. Alhadi did his graduate work in the college of education at Ohio University and obtained his 2008. His field of specialization is cultural studies with an emphasis on museum-school partnership. Before joining the University of Florida, he was a graduate assistant at Ohio University, a senior lecturer at 2 universities in Sudan, a teaching assistant at Yarmouk University in Jordan and a museum antiquities officer in Sudan.

While in Qatar (2013-2015), Dr. Alhadi curated two museum exhibitions. The first on (2014) at the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Qatar focused on figurative representations on Islamic art objects and the 2nd one (2015) was about the objects of light at the private collection of Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim. Another museum exhibition that Dr. co-curated while at the Ohio University graduate program in 2004 was “Mixed Messages: Rethinking Postcard Representations” at the Kennedy Museum of Art; Ohio University.


Visual Communication and Creative Seeing in the Qatari Museums
Dr. Alhadi’ is currently engaged with a group of researchers that aims to reach a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the design and production of visual communication strategies and techniques undertaken in Qatari museums. It also aims to produce a detailed, culturally-informed, community-based, and independent knowledge of the ways in which visitors to Qatari museums—citizen, non-citizen resident, and foreign tourists—interpret the visual communications with which they interact. It also targets creating a deeper understanding of the motivations, values, and theories which underlay the creation of visual communications in Qatar’s museums.

Arab Immigration Oral History Digital Collection

This research project is sponsored by the University of Florida Libraries’ mini-grant program (2011-2013). This project was designed to make available through Oral History interviews the life and professional experiences of Arab immigrants who have settled in Florida after leaving their homelands. It was intended to help scholars, researchers, students, and the general public to understand the reasons why certain Arabs immigrate to Florida. Another target of this project is to give a preview on Arab culture in diaspora through Arab immigrants’ perspective on education, social and family life and the efforts to blend into the wider Florida and American society.

Crimes on cultural heritage in the Arab world

Dr. Alhadi is currently working on a book project that will cover the recent history of devastation acts at cultural and historical sites and their impact on the cultural and social environments in the Arab region.