Advisory Board


Mustafa Ahmed

Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Medicine and Spirituality

Badredine Arfi

Department of Political Science

Islam and World Politics, Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, Islam and Democracy, Secularism

Michelle Campos

Department of History

History of the Ottoman Empire

Abdoulaye Kane

Center for African Studies, Department of Anthropology

Islam and Transnationalism

Emrah Sahin

Center for European Studies

Turkish Studies, Turkish/Islamic Identities

Tamir Sorek

Department of Sociology, Center for Jewish Studies

Nationalism, ethnic conflicts, sports, collective memory


Sarra Tlili

Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Cultures

Islam and Environmentalism, Arabic Studies


Terje Østebø

Center for African Studies, Department of Religion

Islam in Africa, Contemporary Islamic Reform, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa

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