Patricia J. Woods


Department of Political Science


Phone: 352-273-2370

Office Location: 222 Anderson Hall

Areas of Specialization: Middle Eastern Politics, Jewish and Islamic Studies

Patricia J. Woods received her Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Modern Middle East Politics from the Univeristy of Washington, Seattle, in 2001.  She received her M.A. in Comparative Religion from the University of Florida, focusing on Islamic Studies and Jewish Studies, in 1991.  She received her B.A. in Comparative Religion from the University of Florida, focusing on Jewish Studies and Islamic Studies, in 1989.  Between her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, she did participant-observation research on Arab-Jewish relations, living in Haifa.  She speaks Hebrew and French; studied advanced Arabic for several years at the University of Florida, Haifa University, Birzeit University, and University of Washington in Seattle; and has done elementary work in several other languages.  She has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Unviersity, Center for Middle Eastern Studies; Birkbeck College of Law, University of London; Group d’Analyses des Politiques Publiques, ENS-Cachan, France; Hebrew Univesrity of Jerusalem, Department of Political Science; and Tel Aviv University, Department of Anthropology and Sociology.  She has received major grants for her reserach from the National Science Foundation (SES#9906136); three from the Social Science Reserach Council; the Dorot Foundation; and the Office of the Provost, University of Florida.


Dr. Woods specializes on issues of law, religion, and gender politics in the Middle East.  She has written extensively on these issues in Israel, particularly within the Jewish community, and to a lesser degree in relation to Palestinian women.  She is currently working on a project with a Turksih colleague on Ottoman and Turkish institutional legacies in relation to these questions.  She teaches courses in Modern Middle East Politics (both undergraduate and graduate) and Women and Politics in the Middle East (undergraduate) regularly.  Her research interests on religion and state include both Judaism and Islam.