Islam and Encounters with Secularism: Futural Openings?

The University of Florida Center for Global Islamic Studies at the University of Florida, together with the UF Office of Research, the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere with support from the Yulee Fund, the Raymond and Miriam Ehrlich Chair in the Department of the Political Science, the Department of Political Science, and the Center for European Studies- on October 1, 2016- hosted an inter-disciplinary conference seeking to raise the question “Where to from here and now?” as a way of imagining and embracing futural perspectives that seek to open up new frontiers for addressing the inescapable encounter of Islam and secularism in today’s and in future realities.

The conference brought together prominent speakers from around the country to discuss Islam and secularism from a variety of inter-disciplinary perspectives. Following a keynote address by Dr. Carrie Wickham, a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Emory University, the conference included panel discussions featuring Dr. Ovamir Anjum (University of Toledo), Dr. Anouar Majid (University of New England), Dr. Cecelia Lynch, (University of California, Irvine), Badredine Arfi (University of Florida), Tamir Sorek (University of Florida) and Dr. Bruce Lawrence (Duke University) as a discussant. 

See the full event flyer, paper abstracts and presenter bios.