When you start your degree program:

Step 1: Apply for admission (to the certificate) through the Office of Admission

Step 2: Download and fill out the CGIS enrollment form

Step 3: Schedule a meeting with the CGIS Academic Advisor to review your course plan.

Step 4: Turn in the enrollment form to the CGIS Academic Advisor. Once you sign up, you will be entered in the CGIS mailing list and receive email messages about the center’s ongoing activities.

Midpoint of your degree program:

Check in with the CGIS Academic Advisor to ensure that you are on track to complete all the certificate requirements prior to graduation.

During the semester prior to graduating:

Complete the CGIS Verification of Completed Requirements Form and submit it to the CGIS Academic Advisor. Once your graduation date appears on your transcript, the GIS certificate will be issued and mailed to the permanent address you provided on the graduation form.


Not interested in a formal certificate?

You can still get involved in the CGIS community by:

1. Subscribing to the CGIS listserv  2. Participating in CGIS events